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Commercial Litigation

Expertise in Complex Commercial Litigation >

Axelrod, Fingerhut & Dennis represents corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and individuals in disputes arising from contracts, operating agreements, partnership agreements, employment agreements, license agreements and statutory violations.

Solid Achievements on Behalf of Our Clients >

Sales Commission Dispute
Obtained full sales commission due employee in a dispute with former employee

Non-Compete Dispute
Obtained injunction for corporate client against competing company barring competitor from hiring client’s former employee based upon non-competition agreement

Defective Product Dispute
Negotiated settlement during trial on behalf of client against supplier seeking to recover for goods sold – goods which our client contended were defective

Truck Fleet Lease
Successfully enforced lease provisions on behalf of truck fleet corporate owner, obtained judgment from lessee for cost of repairs and reimbursement for abuse of leased equipment

Competitive Drug Use Dispute
Successfully represented owner of show horse accused by administrative agency of the use of unauthorized drugs

Warranty Dispute
Successfully defended against claim that show horse failed to meet sales warranty

Right of First Refusal
Successfully defended claim for enforcement of right of first refusal permitting client to sell property to third party

Purchase of Medical Practice
Prosecuted an action arising from misrepresentation and tortious interference in the purchase of a medical practice 

Partnership Dispute
Defended partners in a litigation alleging usurpation of corporate opportunity